Why choose us to be your installer?

If you opt for your underfloor heating system to be installed by our experienced installers, it will prove to be a discerning choice.  Our company prides itself on our long standing experience in the field of installation, and we are confident in dealing with unforeseen difficulties that need to be worked around on site, because our engineers have fitted hundreds of our systems, into homes and businesses that have had many different applications and specifications.  All our engineers have a “can do attitude”, and we strive to ensure each project is completed within the time restraints and to the highest standard.

What’s included?

When we quote for standard installation the following is included: Manifold assembly and installation, laying of the ufh pipe by clipping it down to insulation (other methods are available), filling and pressure testing of the ufh system including adjusting flow rates.
Boiler connections and electrical connections are excluded – please inform us for this additional work price. We also have another side of the business that can  lay screeds and fit insulation –we have the experts in for each trade. Ufh installers to fit ufh, screeders to lay screed etc.


Site preparation work

Our installers expect the floor to be ready upon arrival. Edge insulation and any potential edging strip be fitted, together with obviously the actual floor insulation with protective membrane above it. Access to manifold position provided e.g. if there is a 500 mm stone wall to feed pipes through, the builder needs to prepare access (in form of a large enough slot). Also a mains water tap e.g. in the garden so we can fill the ufh system.



Installation After care

What happens after installation has taken place? Different tradesmen may take over in form of screders and floor finish fitters, plumbers, electricians etc. But we’ll always be here to help with any potential questions.